When Creativity

has a home

Next Act

Arts + Entertainment


Today, there is no professional-class arts venue in Williamson County. Patrons of performing arts have little to retain their interest – and their entertainment dollars – in our local community. The Round Rock Foundation for the Arts and Entertainment, Inc. was established in 2015 to accomplish this important goal. In 2018 we changed our name to Next Act Arts + Entertainment because this project is bigger than Round Rock – it will have a positive impact on ALL of Central Texas.


Without a professional-class arts venue in Williamson County the local performing arts groups are left with little opportunity to create identity or options for sustainable growth, stifling development of talent in the region. We’re working to build a professional performing arts venue, right here in Round Rock, and in the future will help develop local arts organizations through financial contributions.


We want to help make the arts sustainable in Round Rock. We will invest in the long-term financial security and stability of our local arts organizations through grant making, so arts organizations have the opportunity to grow, experiment and flourish. And did we mention bringing creativity a permanent home? Donate to our fund to build the Round Rock professional performing arts venue.


As a community leader, we are working to advance excellence in the arts and promote the diverse artistic community of Round Rock. We seek to provide a variety of avenues for our citizens to explore, enjoy, and celebrate the arts.


Thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy Beaujolais Night! Here is a link to photos from the event!