Board of Directors

A note from our Chair –

The arts enrich lives and transform communities. They inspire us and allow us to become something much larger than our individual selves. The arts build bridges between cultures and connect us through shared values. The arts are good for our economy and spur economic growth. Round Rock is one of the fastest growing communities in the nation. In order to become the well-rounded community we aspire to be, we must invest in the arts.  I look forward to the day when Round Rock serves as a destination for the arts for the citizens of Central Texas and beyond.

— Bethany Leffingwell

Board Members

David Brevell

Having a vibrant performing arts center increases the vitality of the city. People want to move to a city that has this available to them.

Michael Doss

Diane Fulmer

A PAC is essential to ensure the vitality and vibrancy of our community. Growing up, I remember the NY Symphony would come to our town once a month for a performance for children. Those memories have stayed with me and fueled my love for music and the arts.

John Garrett

I believe to be a world-class city you need to have world-class arts and entertainment. An investment in a Performing Arts Center is an investment in our city’s future.

David Hays

I am confident a Performing Arts Center in Round Rock will bring positive educational, economic and cultural benefits to the community, its residents and guests.  Development of the arts, education, and cultural appreciation are at the center of our heritage as a hospitable, sustainable, well-rounded and vibrant Central Texas community.

John Honning

As Round Rock continues to grow and prosper, the Arts and Entertainment appreciation is also evolving. Having a performance arts facility as a regional center piece is our goal and the next step to enhance the value of our city and attract more professional-class artists and performances. Let’s all help support the growth of our community.

Cathy Kincaid

I have long envisioned a great performing arts center similar to other cities with populations comparable to Round Rock where the local ballet, symphonies and other artists could perform. Next Act has expanded this focus. We envision a professional hall, which will also attract outstanding performances by world-class performers for all Central Texans to enjoy. It is a win-win for our local talent, regional residents and business communities.

Judy McLeod

The Arts provide an opportunity for ALL citizens to come together and share that which speaks to the heart.  The unifying of spirit, joy and sharing of life can be experienced through the Arts for all ages and races of people. The true “Heart of a community” can beat to any rhythm when being privileged to be in the audience.

Richard Parson

Lori Scott

Round Rock is rich with talented arts groups with no place to perform.   As a patron of the arts, I am honored and passionate about serving in the mission to build a performing arts center in our community.

Joe Vining

The majority of my career has been spent being a part of many teams that have helped shape the growth of this great city. For the past four decades the city has successfully concentrated on our essential infrastructure: utilities, roads, parks, and schools. Now it is time to further our community by providing a venue for expanding our cultural offerings. It is a privilege to be a member of the Next Act Board.