When properly organized and funded, arts and culture organizations serve as economic contributors to a community. Statistically, as patrons attend a quality performing arts event, additional revenues from ancillary services such as parking, dining, shopping, and beverages follow. The arts and culture industry in the State of Texas promotes, innovation, long-term growth, and generates approximately $4.6 billion annually in taxable sales.
Arts Facility Feasibility Study

City of Round Rock Center for the Arts Feasibility Study

Corgan conducted a feasibility and use study for the Round Rock Performing Arts Center in 2015 to identify venue needs, components, and relationships of a proposed performing arts facility to the community of Round Rock.

Using a robust data set comprised of questionnaires, surveys, regional and Texas benchmarking, and corporate and local arts groups consultations, Corgan analyzed data to conceptualize a facility that would serve the arts needs of the community.

Corgan recommended budget allocations be provided for a new City of Round Rock Performance Center, as follows.

  • 70,800 SF Facility
  • $38.6M Construction Cost Allocation
  • $46M-49.8M Project Cost Allocation