There is much to be proud of in our city, Round Rock. A Performing Arts Center would become a hub where connections are made that reflect our community’s strengths, diversity and culture.
Lisa Roebuck Board of Directors
Next Act Arts and Entertainment

The Story of the Round Rock Foundation for Arts and Entertainment

Round Rock has a vibrant arts community, consisting of musicians, actors, dancers, performers, sculptors, visual artisans, and many other cultural expressions.
Although the arts are thriving in the area, the City of Round Rock does not have a professional quality venue for artistic performances.

A recently commissioned arts master plan best articulated this vision in the following statement:
“The arts and culture are important to round Rock’s quality of life, strengthening the community, inspiring more investment, and creating a greater sense of place.”

The City of Round Rock official government website describes the priority of the arts:
“The City is at an important transition point: arts and culture are becoming a crucial component of the city’s quality of life. To this end, the City Council has identified the need to expand and strengthen arts and cultural activities in Round Rock.”

We are committed to raising funds to support the creation of a multi-use performing arts space in Round Rock. We will also focus efforts on ensuring the arts space is affordable and accessible to arts organizations of all sizes and budgets.